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60 Years of providing healthy and natural food !

We prioritize your health at Brijwasi and have been doing so for over 60 years. Our brand is known for producing natural and healthful food using traditional methods, with a focus on Desi cow’s highly nutritious ghee for a healthy future. As the world changes rapidly with new technologies, innovations, and developments, we are left wondering whether we are consuming healthy and nutritious food?  what methods are used to produce the food we buy from the market?

At Nirvan Farms, our mission is to promote chemical-free healthy food. What started out as a small local business has now grown into a national brand due to our unwavering commitment to quality and honesty. Our goal is to deliver highly nutritious and natural milk products made using traditional methods, particularly in Ghee,Honey, Chai masala and Jaggery. Our traditional methods are those that our ancestors used and are mentioned in Ayurveda, a precious gift from our great tradition.

While many people opt for the latest technology and processes to produce more in less time, we believe in investing more time to produce natural and healthy products that can help improve our consumers’ health.

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Variety of Plant


It is a traditional method of making ghee from A2 milk. Natural process that takes enough time to convert milk to ghee which follows the steps like Milk – Curd – Buttermilk – Butter – Ghee. This Natural method helps to improve nutritional value.

Soy Milk

Help support healthy muscles and organs. Rich in Omega3

Dates milk

Healthy hair & skin, weight loss, prevents heart disease

Oats Milk

Good source of calcium, vitamin A, & vitamin D

Almond milk

Strengthen your bones, reduces heart disease, rich in vitamin D

We bring the best plant based milk right at your door steps

Plant based milk for everyone at any age

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